Our team takes pride in assisting the project team in all 3 phases of Green Building Design and Certification namely Facilitation, Computer Simulation and Commissioning. The team consists of experienced and talented architects and engineers, combining sensitivity to design and aesthetics as well as technically sound suggestions. We aim to provide solutions including climate responsive design, material selection and most suitable high efficiency services.
Discussing and evaluation of suitable LEED / IGBC Ratings Systems and applicable credits and appropriate strategies for all disciplines of the project team. Assisting project team through design and construction with required documentation, checklist and photographs up to award of certification.
Computer Simulation
Solar Analysis : To determine incident solar radiation on the various surfaces of the buildings to inform and guide designers to applicable green strategies like massing, orientation, glazing extents, shading and green roofs
Daylight Analysis : Determines daylight intensity in spaces to help the design team to size and orient glazing, operable windows and also determine glass specifications such that all spaces meet requirements for natural daylight.
Energy Modeling : This analysis determines the annual energy consumption based on architectural design, material specifications, lighting systems and HVAC systems. The analysis is done and compared to baseline building and appropriate Energy Conservation Measures are suggested with payback calculations are done. The reports and documents for required for LEED submission are prepared.
Functional testing and verification of all Green Strategies during installation and post occupancy with required LEED / IGBC documentation